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I just started mining and I have a couple of questions.

I've read a lot about it before I reverted to Reddit to get more help. But I just wanted to get some input from you guys rather to read threads and stuff that are 2 years old and what not.
So I just started mining today purely out of curiosity. I don't plan to make loads of cash but just to say I've mined a btc. Anyway, I'm in Slush's pool using GUIMiner, my wallet isn't fully syched yet but I'm mining, is that a bad idea? I have a couple more question. I appreciate your guys help.
1.How long do you guys mine for each day?
2.How long did it take for you to make your first full btc?
3.I read somewhere that mining would be dead in 1 or 2 months, (that blog being posted in February) is that correct?
4.I only have a 7870 and I have 330Mhash/s, what can I expect out of that?
5.I've read a lot of people giving other people advice saying you need 3 or 4 gpu's other wise you are only covering energy & fee prices, is that true?
6.With a rig like mine, single 7870, how much energy would it be costing me a day?
7.As of right now, I have 602 accepted shares & 3 stale/invalid. What does this mean?
Thanks, you guys are probably fed up of questions like these but I'd rather talk to someone than to read for hours through forums and blogs that are years old and may be incorrect.
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