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Hirocoin (HIRO) New home of GPU miners, X11 hashing algorithm

Soon Scrypt coins will only be mined by those in invest heavily. Hirocoin uses the X11 hashing solution by Evan Duffield. Creating an ASIC for X11 is going to be very complex making Hirocoin an ideal home for GPU miners.

ZCASH Mining Or Bitcoin Mining with GPU 2017 – 1333 H/s at 400 watts / R9 Nano x5 Claymore 12.4

ZCASH Mining Or Bitcoin Mining with GPU 2017 – 1333 H/s at 400 watts / R9 Nano x5 Claymore 12.4 submitted by ososru to Bitcoin4free [link] [comments]

ZCASH Mining Or Bitcoin Mining with GPU 2017 – 1333 H/s at 400 watts / R9 Nano x5 Claymore 12.4

ZCASH Mining Or Bitcoin Mining with GPU 2017 – 1333 H/s at 400 watts / R9 Nano x5 Claymore 12.4 submitted by Rufflenator to 3bitcoins [link] [comments]

Which is better for multi NVidea GPU Bitcoin mining? smos-linux, nvOC or PimpOS or roll my own with ubuntu 16.04? Looking for linux multi-GPU NVidea miner that works with 4 Nvidea cards on a btc MOBO /r/BitcoinBeginners

Which is better for multi NVidea GPU Bitcoin mining? smos-linux, nvOC or PimpOS or roll my own with ubuntu 16.04? Looking for linux multi-GPU NVidea miner that works with 4 Nvidea cards on a btc MOBO /BitcoinBeginners submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Which is better for GPU Bitcoin mining? smos-linux, nvOC or PimpOS or roll my own with ubuntu 16.04? Looking for linux multi-GPU NVidea miner that works with 4 Nvidea cards on a btc MOBO

PimpOs is pretty cool . nvOC is also great. smos linux or roll my own... have to find the instructions but I will if someone can point me to one
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Is my Gpu clock and Mem Clock to high for not running anything?

I'm looking over at msi afterburner and just wondering if something is wrong with my gpu or if someone is bitcoin mining with my gpu if i could get some help on this thatd be great my gpu is a gtx 1070 by asus thank you!
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11-28 01:37 - 'I have 2 antminer s7 that I run on solar in my shed. I use nicehash to sell my hashing power to and get paid in btc for that. I make about $7US per day. / That's running at 8-9TH/s / If you want to mine with a gpu, check out Eth...' by /u/bundabrg removed from /r/Bitcoin within 4-9min

I have 2 antminer s7 that I run on solar in my shed. I use nicehash to sell my hashing power to and get paid in btc for that. I make about $7US per day.
That's running at 8-9TH/s
If you want to mine with a gpu, check out Ethereum and Zcash. An RX470 gets you about $2US per day, so some people have rigs of 6 of them. I mine them via nicehash as well as id rather get paid in btc and not in the coin I have no faith in.
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Author: bundabrg
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Trying to decide weather or not to get a Z11, S19 or S9. Opinions wanted.

Edit I ment type Z11 S17 or A9 (freaking autocorrect)
I'm looking to buy a profitable ASIC with a $2000 budget. And I'm looking for you reddits knowledge and experience to make sure I'm going down the right path.
So far I'm leaning on purchasing a Antminer Z11. The price is reasonable and the profitability looks good.
Another choice is the infosillicon A9. They are probably the cheapest miner that turns a profit, and the low wattage consumption is attractive so I don't have to upscale my electrical right away. If I chose the A9 I would buy 2 or more.
Third choice is the s17. It's more expensive and less profitable but it mines bitcoin. And I wonder if there's any unforeseen advantage of mining bitcoin should it moon shot.
GPU's I have a GPU rig running right now, and I plan on adding to it, but really want to dive deeper into ASIC mining right now.
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Why the 3070, 3080, and 3090 are going to spike in price.

Why the 3070, 3080, and 3090 are going to spike in price.
I was one of the lucky few to get a 3080 on release and I have stressed tested everything I can think of out of this card. It is absolutely a monstrosity. I happened upon an article saying the 3080 and 3090 have terrible MH/s(hashrate/mining rate for mining bitcoin). I decided to see what this card can do and happened upon some interesting data. So I decided to use Nicehash to test the GPU mining profitability(I'm sure its off by some margin but its a good start.) After running for a day and with the correct downclock I can keep my temperature stable. Increasing the power limit past 70 yield marginal hashrate at the expense of a significant amount of power(it becomes less profitable). With my current electric bill(around 11 cents per mwh) I make 2.20$-2.40$ a day after electric expense. A more sophisticated miner could make more with the right software(linux) and lower electric rate. Just wanted to share my opinion I could be wrong, let me know what you guys think.
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About Bitcoin mining in Egypt and GPUs

Just wanted to make a post discussing this matter in Egypt. I hope someone from government also reads reddit.
I can understand logical reasons why Egypt would want to prohibit Bitcoin mining:
  1. Paying electricity at subsidized price and then selling Bitcoins for money means you're stealing the subsidy.
  2. Untraceable Bitcoin can be used for criminal activities or terrorist finance.
  3. Income from Bitcoin mining is not official and counts as income, so taxes are not being paid on it.
Since they suspect people who buy GPUs of doing this, I propose the following:
  1. Let people declare that they are mining Bitcoin and remove electrical subsidy from them (let them pay the highest electricity tier price). Let them also count the electricity as expenses to avoid double-taxing.
  2. Require that the wallets that receive the mining proceeds be made known to the government.
  3. Open a local Egyptian Bitcoin exchange and when mining bitcoins are sold for EGP, count the EGP as capital gains or income and make people pay taxes on them as such.
  4. Prohibit any transfer of those bitcoin between individuals and allow the only action to be done on them is keep them or sell them on a legitimate exchange which requires KYC/AML.
Instead of causing unnecessary headache for people who want to simply buy a GPU to play games by stopping or delaying all GPUs being imported, simply require that the imported GPUs be registered to the individual name (file automatically opened by customs without need of input from the importer), and set a limit for the number of graphics cards imported annually for individual use.
In addition, for people who are not registered as bitcoin miners (or doing high electricity load work), if there's an unnatural large increase in the electricity consumption suddenly that doesn't coincide with a legitimate reason (eg: summer time and start of use of Air Conditioners) and the increase goes beyond the level historically consumed by the residence, then you can suspect that they are mining bitcoin, and then you can then investigate them.
This way, both the government requirements can be satisfied and at the same time, people who just want to play games or do 3D work do not need to be unnecessarily harmed or impeded by regulations.
This post can be considered as an open letter to anyone from authorities.
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Some sites to make extra money

Hello Fellow Redditors,
I am going to list some of my income sources. I will try to give as much information as I can.
Some details about me:I am u/abhiearns, I am currently studying. I want to create some sort of extra income sources. I have been trying to use beermoney as well as other passive income communities like passive_income, passiveincome to find some sites and sources that can work for me.
Enough with the details, Let start by listing some of my extra income sources.
Active Earning: So, I will start with sites on which you have to work actively and devote some serious hours to earn some extra income. These are some beermoney sites (include survey sites, and other such sites):

Passive Earning (No Initial Investments): These will list some of my passive earning sources, I am not listing my investments here because I think they deserve a separate section.Disclaimer: I have 2 laptops and an extra phone so I use all of them for earning, the payments may vary depending on the number and power of various computers.

Passive Earning (Investments Required): These are the sources which require some sort of initial investment. These sources can be risky and there are chances to lose money.

\** I am still trying other sites and apps. I will keep updating this post.*
These are some of the sources I use to earn, I highly recommend these. I won't say you will become a millionaire using these but still its little more than you had yesterday.
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What do you guys think about the possibility of using lots of Arduinos to possibly replace expensive GPU's in bitcoin mining

I'm not sure what I'm talking about here too much but I'm pained to see expensive GPU's that the ultra-rich buy in the thousands and mine so much bitcoin.
My attempts of bitcoin mining with my PC were a failure because my 4GB GPU is not strong enough at all
Renting ASIC miners are mostly scams and I will not get much return
The one thing I'm forced to go to is to make my own GPU by my self and see if there is a possibility of working a with a general PC
As far as I'm aware this has never been done before and by no means do I expect an Arduino graphics card to be as strong as an early 2000's GPU but my thinking is: If I can buy the components for a cheap price then I can assemble an array of weak GPU's to become a far stronger one

If this whole idea is a flop and there is no real way to make money, I want to use this as a learning experience
So the first thing I want is a discussion on whether or not this could even achieve and become compatible with a PC. Whether it be a gaming PC or a raspberry Pi
The next is some sources on how GPU's work and their pinout and whatnot
I really don't expect any positive comments in this comment section since what I'm thinking of doing is near enough outrageous Xd
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Mining algorithm differences between currencies

Apologies if this question has been asked before; I am looking for more technical resources than a simplification or easy explanation (not that anything's wrong with people looking for those kinds of explanations).
TL;DR: Why does Monero and several other newer digital currencies employ the CPU as the main compute element for mining, whereas e.g. Bitcoin started out in that way but migrated quickly to algorithms employing the GPU?
Is it the complexity of the problem? I know CPUs are much better suited to more classes of problems to solve; that's why we have CPUs with 4-32 cores that are incredibly multipurposely programmable and GPUs with thousands/tens of thousands of cores which are incredibly specialized. Or is it some other reason?
I'd love to dive into this subject very technically. I have > 25 years in IT (hardware including distributing computing before the word "cloud" meant anything other than a collection of water vapor hanging in the sky; software development from GW-BASIC and C to Perl/PHP to Java to .NET Core and beyond/in between; devops; etc.). I just haven't really studied the fundamentals of blockchain.
Again, apologies if this question has been asked. If there are technical resources out there, feel free to paste links; I don't want to waste anyone's time.
Thanks for any information!
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Effects of ETC moving to SHA3

0xBitcoin might experience some benefits from ETC's recent decision to go to SHA3.
For one thing, if ETC developers turn their minds toward SHA3 GPU mining, it seems likely that they'll be very interested in the optimization work already done by Lt. Tofu and Azlehria on Cosmic and Nabiki. But they may also spot additional optimizations, which could most likely be ported back into our miners!
For another thing, since ETC has a larger community than 0xBitcoin's, it's likely that they have people with very diverse skills. As they turn their minds toward SHA3 on FPGAs, I anticipate they will be choosing FPGA boards and writing software for them that probably will not be very difficult to alter to mine 0xBitcoin! Practically speaking, this may result in a new era of mining where a respectable hash rate can be achieved with much less electricity expense.
Basically, if people with EE or hardware development backgrounds in the ETC community pin down some of the variables involved, like development board, it seems very likely that we will be able to get FPGAs mining 0xBitcoin quickly.
We recently exchanged some nice words with Alex Tsankov. He revealed he is doing work that may allow merge mining ETC and other projects like 0xBitcoin. I don't know how good this will be, but it's hard for me to see how this could be a bad thing. It's really great to have nice words from Alex, because he seems like a very smart dude who is very open to collaboration.
I have joined the ETC Discord (edit: link removed for just-Reddit-things reasons, you'll have no trouble finding it) and will be watching for opportunities to tell people there about our miners if they don't know, and watching for info about their developments on SHA3 miners.
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ELI5: Difference between CPU and GPU silicon

This may be a stupid question, but is there any fundamental difference between CPUs and GPUs at the silicon level?
I know that GPUs are typically used for outputting an image, while CPUs are more important for logic processing and the like. However, there are also some tasks like [email protected] and bitcoin mining, which are little more than math with a backstory running on GPUs more effectively than CPUs. These tasks can also run on a CPU. Further, Linus managed to play Crysis on a Threadripper without any GPU. Also, ia AMD putting more and more cores onto their CPUs, like they are trying to make a GPU (which have many cores). This leads to the question of if there is any fundamental difference between a GPU and a CPU. What will happen if someone was to slap a GPU into a CPU socket, and vise versa (assuming fitting and other logistics were taken care of)?
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Scav Times(When to Scav on What Maps)

So I've posted here before about how I have a Scav with quite a few high leveled abilities to include Max endurance. I'd like to help those that don't really know or just want more info on Scav Raids. This is just my observations and in no way absolute. All Scav spawn times are averages and based off personal experience.
So you want to Scav in but have no idea where to go? Well it's all about what time of day(irl) and what day it is.
Customs (Spawn between 40 to 25 minutes left in raid)- this map is almost always busy no matter when you scav in but the gear you find can fluctuate on the day of the week. Weekends and nights you'll find a lot more dedicated/chaded folks while during the weekdays during the day you'll find a lot more low levels or rather... Bad players.
Shoreline (spawn between 40 to 35 mins left in raid)- This map is a gold mine for matter when. But the gold could be different. Night time (irl again) and weekends you'll roll up on resort and find many bodies(mostly east wing) with good gear just left or find insurance fraud. Weekdays it's a wasteland but that means most caches are unhit.
Interchange (spawn time sub 20 minutes all the way to 10 minutes left) -Scav on interchange and its a race against time. Most battles are done and bodies lay cold. If power has been hit then go to the better known battle spots of kiba or techlight. If no power watch out for Killa. It seems that 7/10 times if power hasn't been thrown Killa still lives. Best times I find to go in for good loot is actually early morning to about noon time on most days. Again the hardcore weekend warriors will always go there but your pickings won't be as good as they'll be teaming more.
Woods (spawn time 40- 30 minutes)- I only ever go to woods if I have a sniper scav. There usually isn't any good loot but often times I find that the middle cabin (with the safe) is not looted. This one is a bit more miss then hit almost everyday.
Reserve(spawn time is 40 -30 minutes)-If you can get past the queue time for reserve it's really not that great. Unless you go as a group be prepared to meet opposition from fellow player scavs and pmc and raiders. This place is always busy and honestly if you're looking to just get gear and get out find a hiding spot and some juice and wait.
Again all of this is based off personal experience from running hundreds of scav runs. I've come out of most raids with gear for my next PmC run quite often and you will be surprised about what places don't get looted. As you can tell most maps are the busiest at night and weekends but if you can scav during the weekdays you'll find the best loot just laying there. I got my Bitcoin farm started from gpu my scav found. Be careful out there and remember take that damn Kolpak off!
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My partner and I became excited with cryptos at the beginning of 2017 when I was searching for a better investment than the equity markets were providing for us. I was disillusioned by the fact that the equity markets are similar to Central banks and the Federal Reserve in that they are able to endlessly print new share certificates every time they need more financing which in turn erodes the share value. Both systems are corrupt.
We discovered Bitcoin and Ethereum and invested in Ethereum because it was cheaper at that time (Bitcoin was at $1,080. Ethereum was at $11) and we could buy more. I also purchased some GPU mining rigs and started mining Ethereum which I continue to do to this day. 2017 was a fantastic year for cryptos and Ethereum which topped at $1,450. We bought and sold a bunch of different cryptos throughout 2017 but made a huge mistake by not selling at the top in early January 2018. ☹
In 2018 we discovered EOS and switched our holdings. We believed that EOS was going to be THE ONE until we saw the problems with its Governance. We hung in there for another year and I tried my best to inspire the community to come together and solve these issues but with no success. We looked into sister-chains of EOS to see if any of them were operating the way they should and discovered TELOS. We were immediately excited with what TELOS had accomplished in solving the problems EOS was faced with. A huge thank you to Douglas Horn and the 130 community members that came together to develop TELOS. Fast forward another year and here we are today.
My journey, has been a life changing experience. It has come with its ups and downs and a very steep learning curve which has been extremely painful at times. I have had scammers scam me and tokens stolen from me, but all in all, it has been the ride of my life that continues to fuel, excite and inspire me. My only regret is that I didn’t discover Bitcoin sooner. Damn it.
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GPU or Asic mining

Ok, A little backround. I know hardware and networking. I can build just about any config of a computer. I understand overclocking and undervolting. I can invest around 2,700 for initial investment.
So do I buy hardware to build a GPU miner with at least 6 cards or more? Probably RX580 as they are cheap and I have one in my rig. More on that later.
Or do I a Asic miner like this I understand a GPU miner is multiple coins and not Bitcoin, and Asic is nothing but Bitcoin.
I've done the math on the Asic miner and the ROI in about 3 months with a net gain of about ~10,000 USD a year @ .13 cents per Watt.
I've had a hard time finding a solid or semi way of calculating the earnings for a GPU miner. Not only because it is many coins or dedicated to one coin, but there our other variables involved. However I have more control of the hardware if it fails.
I dipped my toe into mining with my own rig that has a RX580 fatboy and a AMD Phenom ii x4 955 black edition. I overclocked the GPU and undervolted the CPU to reduce heat since it was hitting 62 cel.
The GPU gets 12.5 sol/s and the CPU was getting ~322 h/s. All this added up to ~170 watts and a net of .00218322 BTC/Month. This was all done using Cudo as it was easy to find and setup just to test. This was just a test to see how it would work. I wouldn't use Cudo to full scale as it is a pool and the transfer to a Wallet is pretty steep in relationship to earns. I understand that in a pool you get your share based upon how much of the "work" you did to get find block.
So do I build or buy? With that much computation power do I need to join a pool? What software is best for pool or alone? I am comfortable with CLI as long as it's well documented, but would like a remote GUI.
Also what is the best wallet with the best fees for transactions. Currently using uphold since I use Brave.
I think I covered as much as I could, if you have any questions let me know. Any advice would be great. If I should post this else where let me know please or I could just cross post it.
TIA. Be safe, stay safe!
Edit: Words and BTC earning was WAY off then I first typed this.
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There's a thin line between artistic expression and wasting my time...

I'm sorry, I just have to get this off my chest - the "end credits" (which appear to be supporter names) being unskippable for straight 8 hours takes the cake for the most pretentious display of artistic expression I've seen in quite a while. Not cool. And I get it - the creators like to play around with expectations and what not, but this really IS pretentious at this point, not to mention wasteful: even when minimized the game is using 95% of my GPU power at this point. Actually... given the visual fidelity on-screen during this part I'm starting to think the developers might be mining bitcoins or some other currency...
And people already bashed Kojima for having to wait 3 minutes...
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What will happen to the people mining with 4gb gpu's at the end of the year?

I'm talking about the people that make a living off ethebitcoin that are mining currently with 4gb cards, I bet there are people that have warehouses full of these, after the DAG file reaches 4gb and the cards won't be able to mine anymore, I doubt they're just going to throw away/sell the cards are they? I'm running 4gb gpu's myself and I'm trying to cling on to whatever mining I can do until the end of the year, I'm just curious about people in that situation..
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Advices about gpu mining setup?

Hi everyone, fairly new to the topic and issues that come with it. I plan on buying a gamemax bitcoin mining 1650W power supply, and 2x 1660 super. I wanted to use my personal computer for the job, because it has a z370 pro4 mobo, and because i dont use it much really, because im a student in another city.
  1. Can i wire the power supply only to the gpus and not to the pc? Do i need to short a cable or something to start the psu?
  2. Is there any problem that may arise if im using my personal computer? I'll probably get risers and put the gpus out of the pc case for now. Is there any recommendation for maximum lenght of the pci riser cable? I will buy a seperate motherboard when i mine it and slowly expand my rig.
  3. Are there brands i should avoid buying? Zotac? Gigabyte? Also is there any info somewhere about the memory brand of the gpu? Samsung seems the best.
  4. Can i run different gpus at the same time? 2x 1660 & 1x 1060 in my case.
I plan on mining with nicehash.
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This meme wave is really confusing.

The 3000 series is announced and so far it looks like a legit fantastic leap in performance.
That said people seem to either overly forgiving or completely ignoring the inflated prices.
the *70 has for the most part sat around $330~$350 and the *80 at $500 with few exceptions.
Then bitcoin mining ruined GPU prices and it looks like Nvidia wants to keep charging closer to the bitcoin days prices.
Yes now you have 2080ti performance for half the price which is great but nots not the only metric we should judge it by.
The GTX 970 matched the GTX 780 ti but it did it for $329. Hell I could even see a 3070 going for $400 but $500?
Then theres the sad part there is no Nvidia beating AMD memes because they've been out of the game so long its just Nvidia beating Nvidia lol.
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Can people test and confirm this - gaming *just works* on Mining GPU in Pop_OS 20.04

Reposting here because moderators removed it from /gaming (unclear why, I've asked on the form)
I bought a really inexpensive P106 gaming GPU from Taobao, it's one of the super low-end P106-090 jobs. Threw it in a spare Haswell-generation mini ITX build I've just upgraded from. Installed Pop_OS 20.04...and started playing, immediately, with no setup. My whole desktop (including all apps and games) are being rendered on the P106, and the video signal is coming through the iGPU outputs (right now I happen to be using a VGA output). Getting solid 60-100fps framerates in all the Linux-native games I've tried (sometimes having to tinker with quality settings), and a good handful of the Windows-only games I've tried. Unigine Heaven getting ~1100 score on Extreme preset.
But the key thing is I'm getting what seems like 85% (?) of a GTX 1060 gaming experience using a $30 mining card...and I didn't have to faff around with "hacking" drivers or anything. It's literally an out of the box gaming experience; Pop_OS' hybrid graphics functionality just make it work immediately.
I'm sort of pinching myself, not sure if I just got lucky with some random alignment of firmware versions, which I didn't attempt to do at all. Can other owners of similar equipment test this, just install Pop_OS 20.04 and see if, for example, Unigine Heaven renders using the P106 out of the box?
Thanks and game on!
/gaming moderator's reply: "The bit about mining was a red flag about bitcoin mining, but reading through the post seems to be not about that. Soooo just approved that for ya." so this is now a duplicate of that post, sorry
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MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm Tour  Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU ... Is Mining Bitcoin Still Profitable in 2020? - YouTube Best Bang For Buck GPU Mining Rig Build Guide 2019 - Mine ... Earn 2 Bitcoin Auto 100% Free New GPU Bitcoin Mining No ... Legit Free Bitcoin Mining CPU+gpu  Free Bitcoin Miner ...; Download PhoenixMiner 4.8c (AMD & NVIDIA GPU Miner) – fast (possibly the fastest) Ethash (ETH, ETC, Muiscoin, EXP, UBQ, etc.) Miner that supports AMD and Nvidia cards (including mixed ones) mining rigs).. DOWNLOAD PhoenixMiner 4.8c. GitHub: DOWNLOAD PhoenixMiner 4.8c MEGA: DOWNLOAD PhoenixMiner 4.8c Changes in the new version 4.8c:-Added -gbase option for setting GPU ... The mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. Let’s see which ones are the best GPU for mining in 2020. Bitcoin Mining with a GPU. Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market. It goes without saying that it draws the most interest when it comes to mining. But even the best GPU for mining isn’t good enough for Bitcoin. Shark Mining, a hardware company founded in Silicon Valley, California and based in Miami, Florida presents Bitcoin Mining Hardware Store. Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash Professional mining rigs. 4 GPU, 6 GPU, 8 GPU AMD RX580, RAdeon VII miners . Complete bitcoin miners and altcoin Ethereum, Zcash mining rigs, setup and ready to go with the operating ... Multiple methods for bitcoin mining or other sub-coins; methods also include sub-methods. Bitcoin mining is a type of mining that should be planned at least every three to six months, not daily or monthly. Although Bitcoin mining is difficult, the high market price leads to a profitable business model in the long run. Nevertheless, the amount ...

[index] [10938] [2662] [19897] [23363] [10279] [1277] [5713] [23560] [14488] [23717]

MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm Tour Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU ...

No Deposit 2 Bitcoin Auto New GPU Bitcoin Mining 100% Free and Fast withdraw part 2 http... Got a little curious on how far I can go with having 4 GPU in a single rig. No risers involved, just a plain single rig setup. Having 4 GPU of high power stacked together will surely lead to ... Vosk reviews how to build the best cheap beginner crypto GPU mining rig in a few easy steps! Anyone can build this Duo Mining Rig for less than $1000 with no... bitcoin sell or buy contact us https://f... How i Built my 4 GPU Mining Rig - Crypto Currency - Mining Mr Retro Central. ... NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Crypto Miner for Bitcoin Gold, Zcash and More! - Duration: 14:18. Crypto Playhouse 60,969 ...