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professional voice, voice, vocal cords, vocal nodules, vocal, singing, tune,throat, sur, voice culture, vocalist, vocal polyp, stroboscopy, singer voice, singer ... Vocal Health - Vocal Nodes - Vocal Nodules - Vocal Polyps - Roger Burnley Voice Studio - Duration: 5 minutes, 37 seconds. Roger Burnley Voice Studio 47,433 views Vocal Health - Vocal Nodes - Vocal Nodules - Vocal Polyps - Roger Burnley Voice Studio by Roger Burnley Voice Studio. 5:37. Connecting Head Voice and Chest Voice - Singing Lesson - Roger Burnley Voice Studio ... Vocal Mix - How To Get A Full Sound in Head Voice - Roger Burnley Voice Studio by Roger Burnley Voice Studio. 3:14. Vocal Health - Vocal Nodes - Vocal Nodules - Vocal Polyps ... 5:37. The Making of "Full Metal Jacket" - Duration: 30:50 ... Mariah Carey at the Doctor on Vocal Chords - Duration: 1:45 ... Vocal Nodules : Vocal Nodules appear symmetrically on the free edge of vocal cord, at the junction of anterior one-third, with the posterior two-thirds, as this is the area of maximum vibration of ...