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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are... I've got a spare parallella board that's been sitting on a shelf for a while, so today I installed the OS onto a microSD card and powered up the... Super computers like the Parallella board have 16 cores at 1 ghz per core and cost just $99 USD per board [12]. If we be conservative and assume 50 sigs per second, per core, it would cost around $124,000 USD to build a super computer that can process 850k worth of Bitcoins between 190k users in 2 days [26]. ... [18] ... The Parallella is a dev platform/proof of concept to get people to design the Epiphany into new products. They're not likely making money on the Parallella - in fact a lot of the delay for the Kickstarter campaign was due to issues related to cost (e.g. the design is cut to the bone, and they managed to eventually get very good pricing from ... > The Parallella project is not a board, it's intended to be a long term computing project and community dedicated to advancing parallel computing. > The current $99 board aren't considered supercomputers by 2012 standards, but a cluster of 10 Parallella boards would have been considered a supercomputer 10 years ago. Wait, what? :D (emphasis mine)

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United States on High Alert as Cryptocurrency in June 2020 SHOWING STRENGTH! Best Crypto News 2020

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